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FOX S-BOX PLUS firefighter safety switch


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FOX S-BOX Plus Firefighter Safety Switch

FOX S-BOX Plus fire safety switch is a new product in the offer of our store. S-BOX Plus from FoxESS operates in accordance with globally standardized firefighting procedures. The task of the firefighter disconnector, is to automatically break the DC circuit, in the event of a fire or grid failure, so that the solar cables passing through the building do not remain live in the event of an anomaly. AC power supply means that switching off the voltage at the building's main switchgear will result in an automatic DC cut from the inverter. The return of AC power will result in the DC circuit being switched on.

DC data

The S-BOX Plus circuit breaker uses a motorized disconnector. The built-in DC isolator maintains safety standards and is certified. The S-BOX automatic circuit breaker supports four chains of PV modules and can be used in both commercial and residential solar power plants

Number of strings of pv panels


Number of input pairs


Number of output pairs


DC voltage range

1500 V

DC current range on string

25 A

AC power data:

Activation of the DC circuit by the S-BOX Plus occurs approximately 15 seconds after AC voltage is applied. Automatic tripping of the FOX S-BOX Plus firefighter safety switch occurs 6 seconds after a power failure, which ensures continuity of operation in case of temporary voltage shortages. The use of the RS485 interface allows for external communication, viewing of mains voltage data, fire disconnector status and other information

AC voltage range

100 V - 270 V

Rated voltage

230 V AC

Rated current

30 mA

Inrush current of the disconnector

~ 100 mA

Action current

Max 300 mA

General Data:

The S-BOX Plus emergency power switch does not require removal of the housing during installation, so installation is simple. The housing is robust. The plastic construction and IP66 protection degree allow you to freely choose the place of installation, following the manufacturer's instructions. The function of the device is to automatically trip when the temperature is above 70℃, so the S-BOX Plus emergency power switch cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. The S-BOX Plus DC disconnect switch is equipped with DEVALAN's MC4 connectors, an AC connection terminal, a vent valve to prevent condensation inside the housing, and a diode to indicate operation.

Potential-free contact

24 V DC - 300 mA max

Operating temperature range

-20℃ to +50℃

Maximum operating temperature before automatic shutdown


Storage temperature range

-40℃ to +85℃

Type of protection

IP 66

Protection level

Class II



DC disconnect according to the standard

EN 60947-1 and 3

Number of operations


Number of operations under load (PV1)


Dimensions (mm)

314 x 194 x 78

Product Details

Data sheet

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